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Titanfall 'Dig Site' map to feature in Frontier's Edge pack; screenshots and details released

In much the same way they did with the Expedition DLC pack , Respawn is drip feeding details on the second Titanfall map add-on. Entitled Frontier's Edge , the three maps will feature 'Dig Site' among them, which Respawn has detailed in a new blogpost .

"Surrounded by sheer rock walls that offer natural protection against air assault, the site becomes a bloody ground war characterized by titan skirmishes over subtle elevation changes in the terrain, and a mix of short and medium-range engagements for pilots," the post reads.

"Titans patrol the narrow pathways between the industrial processing buildings while pilots leap overhead, and an imposing rock saw the size of an overturned office building looms over the site providing cover and high ground for pilots."

Hopefully Frontier's Edge improves on its predecessor, which PC Gamer's Ben Griffin found to be lacking. "Two great maps and a poor one make Expedition an over-expensive proposition," he wrote .

The other two Frontier's Edge maps, Haven and Export, are still a mystery, as is the release date. Check out the screenshots above and below.

Shaun Prescott
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