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Titanfall returns to Game Time for another free 48 hours

If you haven't yet strapped on a 30-foot-tall suit of futuristic armor and used it to flatten some poor schmuck into a gooey pancake, now might be a good time to rectify that oversight. The weekend is here, and Titanfall is once again free.

Game Time is a pretty cool deal. If you've missed our previous coverage, it works like this: Download a selected game— Battlefield 4 , Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare , now Titanfall—and then play as much as you can stomach for 48 hours. It's an improvement on the conventional "free weekend" idea because the timer doesn't actually start until the first time the game is launched, so you still get the full 48 even if you can't start playing until, say, Wednesday next week.

That's really all there is to it. Titanfall hit Game Time back in June , as you may recall, and if you missed it then, this is your chance to set things right. And why not? It's free, and going by our review it's pretty good, too. Snag it while you can from Origin .