Titanfall playable for free this weekend, as Origin launches Game Time promotion

Origin are currently giving away Peggle . It's a happy game about rainbows and Beethoven, and is therefore at odds with the majority of EA's catalogue. To redress the balance, they're also planning a free trial for a game about big robots and loud noises that go "SHHHHHLUNK". Titanfall will be free to download and play this weekend, and—while it'll take the majority of that time to download and install the thing—that should still leave a few solid hours of robo-falling, parkour-jumping action.

"This is a brand new program on Origin: it's free time with full games," explains the Origin Game Time announcement page , helpfully pretending that Steam hasn't been using this concept for years. The promotion will launch globally "over the next several hours", and will be available from Origin's free games page .

"Titanfall is only the beginning for Game Time," EA's announcement goes onto say, in a paragraph that repeats "Game Time" so frequently that it becomes a meaningless mantra of alien sounds. They're promising more Game Time in the future, with different games and "different time on the Game Time clock".

As for this promotion, Titanfall is well worth checking out. Time has started to take the shine off its once gleaming robo-pals, but, as Chris's review points out , it's filled with smart design and exciting system.

Phil Savage

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