TimeSplitters Rewind update vlog showcases WIP weapons and map

The people behind TimeSplitters Rewind put out a teaser in early 2017—albeit a very thin teaser—to remind and reassure us all that the project, a remake of Free Radical's early-2000s TimeSplitters FPS series, was still in the works. Now it's 2018, and that means it's time to do it all again.

This trailer is far more informative than its predecessor, showing off models of weapons, views of the map, basic animations, and other assets, although its real direct predecessor, the first developer update video, was actually released in August. But it also highlights the fact that after more than five years of work, TimeSplitters Rewind is nowhere near complete. Such is the nature of fan remakes that rely on volunteers to get things done, something the creators alluded to in a mid-December blog post

"Since the project came into being in 2013 there have been a number of Project Leads, all with the challenging task of pushing this project to completion. Rewind however has not been in continuous development since 2013, with changes in direction sometimes putting development back," they wrote.

"Since moving onto Cryengine 5.4 four months ago, the team has essentially rebuilt the core of the game from scratch. With the technical assistance (in an advisory capacity) of Crytek the team has made steady progress and currently has perhaps the most stable iteration of Rewind to date." 

Obviously there's no inkling of a release date at this point, but you probably don't want to start holding your breath just yet.   

Andy Chalk

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