This Zelda: Breath of the Wild mod for Minecraft totally Hyrules

Minecraft - A player holds a modded Sheikah Slate while looking at a blue Bokoblin from Zelda, with a Sheikah tower in the background.
(Image credit: Mojang (modded by Craiy and Joris))

The vast and lovely landscapes of Breath of the Wild are such an obvious match for Minecraft that someone built the entire BOTW map last year, but that was just a starting point. Yet another pair of modders have added in some crucial Zelda gameplay with a functional Sheikah Slate and all its abilities, a boomerang, Sheikah towers, and quite a bit more. If you're sick to death of creepers exploding all your hard work, you can give them a taste of their own torture with Link's remote detonate bombs.

As spotted by PCGamesN, the Breath of the Wild datapack was created by modders Craiy and Joris, and it's actually really dang cool.

The most immediate elements you'll spot in your Minecraft world are the rather common Bokoblin camps dotting the landscape and the slightly rarer Sheikah Towers designed to look like the giant spires Link climbs all over Hyrule. Fighting Bokoblins and nabbing their Boko Stick clubs is a good first step, but your second order of business should definitely be crafting some ladders and climbing to the top of a Sheikah tower. That's where you'll grab the ancient Sheikah multitool of destruction and be free to start wreaking havoc.

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You can pick up and move around metal blocks like iron or copper with the magnesis function, use both the round and square remote bombs to terrorize those bokoblin camps, use stasis to launch goats off cliffs the way they deserve, and create especially tricky parkour courses with cryonis.

Actually, it would be pretty neat to build a floating water base that can only be entered with cryonis ice pillars, no? I did try to channel my inner Link by dropping iron blocks on top of bokoblins, but alas they just phase through them and land on the ground instead of doing damage. Don't say I didn't try to give them hell.

The boomerang and hero's tunic are rare but worth hunting down—especially the tunic, which allows you to see an enemy's current health. Craiy explains all that and more in the mod showcase video down below.

The current version of the BOTW datapack is for Minecraft 1.19 with all those neat new features, though Craiy says that the pair is planning to make another version of the pack with even more Zelda tidbits.

Unfortunately, the creator of the impressive Breath of the Wild map from last year decided not to distribute it for download. Instead, perhaps keep an eye on the one being worked on by Grazzy, which is what Craiy and Joris used to showcase their datapack. I'm not so sure you'd realistically want to use them together, since Grazzy is individually building Sheikah towers and the BOTW datapack generates them itself, for what it's worth. Or, hey, maybe even mix your Zeldas with the Wind Waker style you can find on our best Minecraft texture packs list.

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