This week's winners


With all the E3 news coming in you'd be forgiven for missing out on some of the PCG competitions, but thankfully we're here with the third edition of This week's winners .

Once again, strong>If you do not respond within three weeks of your name appearing in This week's winners we will give your prize to someone else. Those who appeared in the first version have only one week left to claim prizes, those of you who won in the second week have a fortnight.

If you entered a competition, please look inside.

With all the news we've been dealing with competition time has been slim, and there's only one to bring you the results of. it's a great one though.

Rift and Razer Giveaway

We asked you what you would do if a Rift opened in your front room, offering a copy of Rift and a huge bundle of Razer hardware (including that lovely mouse you see above) in return. Congratulations to downset , who reacts the MMO way, by asking "How can I monetise this?".

If you didn't win, unlucky, but you can still enter today's Witcher 2 GoG competition and get one of three awesome box sets. Good luck!