This week's winners

Witcher 2 Collector's edition

Welcome to the second edition of This week's winners where we announce the winners of this week's competitions in the hopes that they'll actually claim their bloody prizes.

Today we're introducing a new rule for PC Gamer competitions: If you do not respond within three weeks of your name appearing in This week's winners we will give your prize to someone else. Harsh I know, but we're starting to get snowed under with free stuff here and we can only keep it around too long before we run out of air.

This week's winners are inside, and last week's winners are here. If you have entered a competition please please please check to see if you've won.

Intel SSD Giveaway

We had five ultra fast Intel Solid State Drives to give away , so we asked you why you thought you deserved one. Surreallemming sent us a a Nigerian scam, plazm prayed for aid, umfk crafted a limerick and poor KasperZ couldn't even load his comment. Congratulations all, now send us your details so we can send you a drive. Meanwhile MenaceInc , the man your man could win competitions like, your prize will arrive soon.

Witcher 2 Collectors Edition Giveaway

We had a copy of the montrously large Witcher 2 Collectors edition to give away to one lucky reader, so we asked you what the best way to kill a Witcher is, and MartinJ suggested "Put him in a room with a character played by Tom Francis". Good call Martin, no NPC survives first contact with a rogue Francis. Please get in touch with us to claim your prize.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge

We gave away five copies of Hunted: The Demon's Forge over facebook , asking you how you would fight demons. The lucky winners were: Shaun McCutcheon-kay, Jonny Swain, George Fairs , Juan Verneda and Toby Burns . Step forward and claim your just rewards.

Comiserations to those that didn't win, but you still have time to enter our Rift&Razer competition before it closes next friday.

Good luck everyone, and make sure to keep checking back to see if you won.