This Warzone player somehow brought a full loadout into the Gulag

The Gulag in Warzone.
(Image credit: Activision)

One of Call of Duty: Warzone's neatest additions to the battle royale was the Gulag, where eliminated players get one chance to re-deploy: by winning a 1vs1 against another eliminated player. The face-off comes with a limited set of weapons, and it's fantastic: your heart's pumping, the intimate environment and basic tools are a complete contrast to 'normal' Warzone, and it's always over, for good or bad, before you know it.

Warzone has recently been having a bad time with glitches, following December's integration of the game with the recently-released Call of Duty: Black Ops-Cold War, the most memorable of which was when players were crashing attack helicopters to become invisible. Now one player, seemingly by accident, has pulled off the impossible: bring a fully-kitted loadout into the Gulag and blow away the poor souls fighting for a second chance.

This doesn't seem to be an especially easy glitch to replicate, as the above is the only viideo evidence of it happening and has been around since December 28 2020 (the game has received no updates since then). All the same: damn son, there's unfair and then there's that.

Warzone is now so big that it's never without some sort of controversy: at the moment players are going crackers over the apparently overpowered DMR, or whether it's possible to manipulate the skill-based matchmaking via a thirdparty app.

Rich Stanton

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