This MSI RTX 3070 gaming laptop is $450 off now going for $1,350

MSI Leopard
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MSI GP66 Leopard

MSI Leopard GP66 Laptop| 1th Gen Intel Core i7-11800H | GeForce RTX 3070 | 144Hz - 1080p | $1,799.99 $‌1349.99 USD at Costco (save $450)
$450 off a laptop that's packing some pretty decent gaming specs. We haven't found this laptop going cheaper than this anywhere else, but a Costco membership is required.

Gone are the days of wildly huge and niche gaming laptops. Thanks to what can be packed into today's machines, the world of portable PC gaming is no longer a compromise. Rather, we see beautiful compact machines packing incredible specs ready to game on the go, but they often come with prices to match. 

Gaming laptops are rarely cheap, but sometimes you can get a good deal like this laptop currently on sale at Costco. It's fair to note you'll need membership with Costco to purchase this laptop, but the price is pretty worthwhile to give it a look.

The MSI Leopard GP66 Laptop is currently on sale right now for $1349.99 USD. That's $450 off its previously marked price of $1,799.99. This particular Leopard is packing an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 paired with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 GPU. 

Other leopards with these spots on the market are currently closer to that non discounted price, or at best case within $100 or so dollars of it. Given the much larger discount Costco is offering, it's probably the best deal going for this laptop right now, though we are always tracking MSI gaming laptop deals.

This gaming laptop also features a 144Hz 1080p 15-inch screen, as well as a 1TB SSD and weighs just over 2kgs. These specs position this as a great portable gaming machine that should be able to play anything on the market, and hopefully without generating too much heat.

MSI Leopard gaming laptop

(Image credit: MSI)

Coming from Costco, a membership is required to make the purchase, but the savings on this laptop would make up for the cost of membership and then some. If you were looking to check out Costco anyway, this deal makes it a smart time to do so and get yourself a sweet gaming laptop at the same time. There's also a limit of five of these per member, so maybe it could be time to bother that friend with a Costco card.

According to the listing website, this deal on the MSI Leopard GP66 Laptop is also limited and will stop being available on the 19th of June 2022. That is of course if stock doesn't sell out before then. Given this is a pretty great deal, it might be smart to get in fast if you've got your heart set on changing your spots.

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