This Lara Croft statue weighs more than a baby, and costs nearly as much

Special effects and prop company Weta Workshop has revealed a limited edition Lara Croft figure for Tomb Raider's 25th anniversary, and hot damn I want it so badly.

The Lara Croft the Lost Valley figure has Lara in her Anniversary getup, which is by far one of my favourite iterations of the character. As the name implies, the figure is from The Lost Valley level, showing Lara going toe-to-toe with two raptors. It weighs a hefty 27.8lbs / 12.61kg which is like, three times heavier than your average newborn. 

The figure is open for pre-orders now, if you're able to cough up the dough. It's retailing for an eye-watering $1,499 / £1,075.64 and requires you to put down a 15% deposit if you fancy grabbing one.

It seems expensive for a figure, but those familiar with Weta Workshop will know how well-crafted these things are. Just looking at the close-ups shows how incredibly it is—peep that insanely detailed base and the small cuts and scratches on Lara's legs. Pre-orders are running until May 3 at 2 PM PDT / 10 PM BST, with the figures due to ship out sometime in October—just in time for the 25th anniversary.

Check out every Lara ranked in order of Lara-ness. Anniversary Lara is 10th, which quite honestly is a crime.

Mollie Taylor
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