This iFixit 64-bit screwdriver kit is just $16 from Fry's and Google Express

iFixit's screwdriver kits are always popular for repairing electronics, and the 'Mako' driver kit is one of the company's mid-range options. It comes with 64 screwdriver bits for repairing computers, smartphones, consoles, and more. The kit rarely goes on sale, but now you can get it from Fry's (or Google Express) for $15.99—a $14 drop from the usual price.

The Mako kit is equipped with 64 4mm screwdriver bits, including Phillips, Flathead, Torx, JIS, Hex, and others. It usually only takes a Phillips-head screwdriver to build and take apart a PC, but with this kit, you can also repair various laptops (like MacBooks) and other electronics. More information can be found from iFixit's website.

You can buy the kit from Fry's, or from Google Express (via Fry's). If you haven't already used the Google Express HOLIDAY18 promo code, enter it at checkout to get 15% off.

iFixit 64-bit Driver Kit | $15.99 ($14 off)Buy at Fry's, Buy at Google Express

iFixit 64-bit Driver Kit | $15.99 ($14 off)
This screwdriver kit is perfect for repairing desktops, laptops, smartphones, game consoles, and other electronics. If you buy it from Google Express, enter code HOLIDAY18 at checkout to get 15% off. Buy at Fry's, Buy at Google Express (Posted: 11/3)

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