This gaming PC with a GTX 1660 Ti is on sale for $800

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Even though building your own PC can be a fun experience for some people, there's nothing wrong with buying a pre-built machine with everything ready to go. We have a guide for the best gaming PCs, but one specific model from Acer with a GTX 1660 Ti graphics card is now on sale for just $799.99. That's a $100 discount from the usual price, and the PC is the cheapest desktop on Newegg with that graphics card.

This Acer Nitro 50 gaming PC has a six-core/six-thread Intel Core i5-9400F processor, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, a 512GB SSD (the type isn't specified, likely SATA), an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card with 6GB of VRAM, and a 500W power supply. With that hardware, you'll get a great experience with most games running at 1080p/60FPS. The GTX 1660 Ti is also a reliable graphics card for 1440p gaming, though you might need to turn down the visual settings in some titles. See our full review of the GTX 1660 Ti for more details.

Acer Gaming Desktop Nitro 50 | $799.99 (save $100)

Acer Gaming Desktop Nitro 50 | $799.99 (save $100)
This is an excellent PC for entry-level gaming, with a Core i5 processor and GTX 1660 Ti graphics card. The 8GB RAM is the main bottleneck, but that can be fixed by purchasing another 8GB stick for around $30.

The only standout issue with this build is the memory—16GB of RAM is slowly becoming the minimum requirement for a solid PC gaming experience, while this desktop only has 8GB. The good news is that there are four RAM slots (according to Newegg's specs table), and only one is occupied with the single 8GB stick, so you can easily add more memory. Another 8GB module will only cost you around $30.

Besides the low amount of RAM, this is a solid entry-level gaming PC. If it's not quite what you're looking for, go check out our list of the best gaming PCs.

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