This dual-pump liquid cooler will keep working even if one pump fails

InWin dual-pump liquid cooler
(Image credit: InWin)

InWin is best known for its computer cases, including some downright funky designs, but it's expanding into the all-in-one liquid cooling realm with a couple of new products: SR36 and SR24. Hidden behind the boring name choices, however, is a intriguing twin-turbine design.

"The patented twin-turbine function runs parallel with one another and functions simultaneously to push both currents toward the copper cold-plate to significantly reduce the temperature and keep hardware cool," InWin explains.

It's basically a dual-pump solution. InWin's explanation is a little confusing because, as its own animated graphics show on the product pages, one of the pumps directs coolant toward the CPU block where it draws heat from the processor, and the other one pulls it up.

(Image credit: InWin)

This is why the dual-pump tower is so large compared to other ones on the market. A single DC motor shaft works the two pump turbines, one on each side, effectively doubling the coolant pressure.

InWin is claiming superior cooling by way of its twin-turbine design, but that's not the only benefit. A company representative told AllAroundPC that it also serves as a redundancy system.

"Should one of the pumps fail, the other pump will stay active and your CPU won't fry," the rep said.

InWin showed these off at CES and has now put up a couple of a product pages, one of the SR36 and the other for the SR24. As the model names suggest, the SR36 is the bigger of the two with a 360mm radiator cooled by three 120mm fans, while the SR24 sorts a 240mm radiator and two 120mm fans.

The company still has not said when these will be available to buy or formally announced pricing. However, the aforementioned rep said InWin is aiming to be competitive on pricing, with the SR36 possibly releasing for $139 and the SR24 at $119.

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