This Death Stranding PC build houses a toy baby, and it's both cute and nightmarish

(Image credit: Cami Roebuck)

Death Stranding is brilliant for a lot of reasons, but chief among these reasons (at least in my opinion) is that the game's protagonist roams a post-disaster America with a cute little baby strapped to his chest. The fact that these babies are basically just tools can be, uh, put aside for a moment: it's a nice aesthetic touch.

Others seem to agree. Case in point is the above PC build belonging to Twitter use Cami Roebuck. The most striking part is that it houses a BB (not a real baby, FYI), but there are smaller adornments: the Bridges logo, the fact that the PC itself kinda looks like a piece of mail Sam 'Porter' Bridges would carry through snowstorms.

Here are some more photos:

Also: in case you were wondering, the baby won't melt

Death Stranding fashion is increasingly a thing, but it manifests in some pretty weird ways. Earlier this year a user of Chinese social media platform Douyin recorded himself in full Bridges garb, protecting an actual baby in an actual canister.

Shaun Prescott

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