This Death Stranding cosplay looks useful in 2020, includes actual baby

(Image credit: @ 白 影 发展 部)

Death Stranding lead Sam 'Porter' Bridges plods around a devastated post-disaster America with a baby strapped to his chest. This baby is secured in a transparent glass capsule, which seemed pretty damn wild in 2019, but now, several months later, in a future on the precipice of pandemic – it seems kinda useful.

One Chinese Douyin user (the Chinese equivalent to TikTok) figured as much. He's apparently strapped a newborn baby into a capsule, complete with air filtration, in order to take that newborn to hospital. To top it all off, he's wearing an Umbrella Inc hazmat suit. "I was going to take my child to the hospital today," a Google translation of the video description reads, "so I invented this."

Check it out:

It's unlikely that this is an actual, practical, useful outfit (not to mention that putting a newborn baby in that capsule, assuming it's not a doll, comes highly unrecommended). The whole thing is probably a joke. But a fair bit of thought has been put into it, and it also proves that Death Stranding is not just a videogame but real, everything that happens in it is based on real actual facts*, and you'll be able to find out as much when it releases on PC this June.

Cheers, Soranews24.

*This is a joke.

Shaun Prescott

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