This 24", 1080p AOC monitor is down to $124.99 on Amazon

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AOC monitor deal

While the best PC games are increasingly transitioning towards QHD and 4K resolutions, there's still a compelling case to be made for 1080p, 60 FPS gameplay. GIven that even the mightiest GPUs struggle to produce 60 frames a second in the most demanding games at 4K (we're looking at you here, Metro Exodus) but can easily manhandle 1080 games to the tune of 100+ FPS, a fantastic, affordable 1080 monitor with a high refresh rate is a very attractive proposition.

The AOC on offer right now for $124.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab) is a perfect example, a great 24", 144Hz panel with FreeSync. The MSRP is all the way up at $299, so this technically qualifies as a $174 discount, but even at the cheapest price we've seen it (around $180), this is a pretty serious bargain. Matching ridiculously high refresh rates with crazy resolutions doesn't actually make a ton of sense, since you'll likely never have the hardware to support both simultaneously (or by the time you do, you'll be ready to upgrade your display anyway), so a 1080p, 144Hz display at a great price is actually a very smart idea. And even when you're crushing frame rates over 200 with the best gaming PC, the FreeSync will ensure there's no ugly tearing or artifacting. 

AOC 24", 1080p, 144Hz gaming monitor for $124.99 at Amazon (save $174) (opens in new tab)

AOC 24", 1080p, 144Hz gaming monitor for $124.99 at Amazon (save $174) (opens in new tab)
A great panel for 1080 gaming with a high refresh rate at just the right size for desktop gaming, now at a price that makes it damn near impossible to resist. 

One of the most buckwild features of this monitor is that it can be fully rotated on its stand, so if you're the sort of crazy that wants to pivot your monitor 90 degrees and use it vertically, AOC totally has you covered. Or if you want to show off a hot piece of modern art you found on DeviantArt, you can even pivot it diagonally for greatest effect. More practically, it comes with a great suite of ports—VGA, DVI, HDMI w/MHL, and Display Port, as well as 4 USB slots—so you can plug damn near anything you want into it, and even connect it to multiple devices to make it the center of your entertainment setup.

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