There's another Future Games Show this month, with '8 world premieres'

PC Gamer sister site GamesRadar+ is putting on another Future Games Show this month. You can watch the showcase of upcoming games during Gamescom—the big gaming convention in Germany, if you're not familiar—on Wednesday, August 23 at 11am PT/7pm BST. (Here's when that is in other time zones.)

There'll be "over 50 games" at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase, we're told, and as usual, the stream will be hosted by some well-known voices: Those of Troy Baker, who's in like, every videogame, and the not-yet-as-prolific-but-getting-there Erika Ishii, who notably voices Valkyrie in Apex Legends and TV host Ruth Dzeng in Cyberpunk 2077, among others.

Future Games Show Summer Showcase participants include Frontier Developments, Raw Fury, Thunderful Games, Nacon, and Crunching Koalas, and there willl be "eight world premieres."

It'll be available to watch in the usual spots:  YouTube, Twitch, Steam, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and on GamesRadar.  There will also be ASL and BSL streams, and subtitled versions available in multiple languages:  English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, and Korean .

Geoff Keighley's Opening Night Live is also returning for this year's Gamescom, and will be streamed the day before the Future Games Show Summer Showcase, on August 22. Here's what we saw at Keighley's 2022 show.

Tyler Wilde
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