There are welcome discounts on the best wireless controllers this Cyber Monday

Xbox Elite Series 2 Cyber Monday deals
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Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Xbox Elite Series 2 | Black | Wireless | $179.99 $171.99 at Microsoft (save $8)
The Xbox Elite Series 2 is our go-to wireless pad of choice. Of course the standard Xbox pads are great and significantly cheaper, but the Elite Series 2 feels like quality through-and-through and boasts a ridiculous amount of customisation potential.

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core | Black/White | Wireless | $129.99 $119.99 at Walmart (save $10)
This cheaper Core version from Walmart ships without the accessories, hence why it's cheaper than the Microsoft deal above, but it has the same build quality and all the adjustability to boot.

We're now in phase 2 of deals season with the arrival of Cyber Monday. It's impossible to escape, so you might as well do a bit of windows shopping at least. Microsoft and Walmart have some Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 discounts that might tickle your fancy if you do actually want to buy something. 

I've not owned an Xbox since I got rid of my 360 years ago, but I keep buying their controllers. Even when I'm mucking around on my PS5 and loving the Dualsense's haptic magic, I'm never quite as comfortable as I am with my beefier Xbox counterpart. If you're in the market for a new PC controller, you really can't go wrong with this. 

It's a testament to its quality that after 3 years the Xbox Elite Series 2 still sits at the top of our best PC controller list. Even if you've used Xbox controllers before, this one should surprise you. And if you like tinkering away, the multitude of customisation options should keep you happy, letting you make all sorts of adjustments, right down to the tension of the thumbsticks. 

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is also a very chunky boy, and coming from most other controllers you'll notice the heft right away. It's a plus for me, though it might take a bit of getting used to. Even with its weight, it's still a comfortable bit of kit, and the grips will help you remain in control. 

The newer black and white Core version comes in cheaper than the original, though retains the same build quality and adjustability, too. Why's it cheaper, then? Because you don't get that suite of replacement paddles and sticks. If that's a deal-breaker you can get the full kit for significantly more, but the parts the Core version ships with still mean you get an outstanding premium controller.

Xbox Wireless Controller | Multiple colors | Wireless | $64.99 $39.99 at Best Buy (save $25)

Xbox Wireless Controller | Multiple colors | Wireless | $64.99 $39.99 at Best Buy (save $25)
If you prefer the offset sticks of Xbox, you'll want to look to Microsoft's controller for your Cyber Monday purchase. Right now Best Buy has the best Xbox controller deal we can find on the official model so far, and there are a few fun colors to choose from—though notably not as many as Sony, and some are more expensive than others. Or not in stock 😥

If that's still a bit too premium a price for your palate, however, the traditional Xbox wireless pads are still discounted down to $40. And in a variety of colors, too. They still retain a level of build quality that means third-party pads just don't come close, and are still a great price on Cyber Monday.

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