The Witcher 3 1.10 patch is out, and it's huge

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 1.10 patch is now live, and it's what you might call a big one—as in, the biggest yet.

"All told, it packs a pretty impressive six hundred changes," CD Projekt's Marcin Momot wrote on the Witcher 3 forums, "including fixes for a load of quests, optimizations that'll make things smoother on PC and consoles, over one hundred fifty stability improvements to iron out hiccups, additional conversations with key characters that will enhance your relationships with them as well as the story as a whole, and a major and much-awaited fix that should take a good bit of the pain out of dealing with items in the Inventory by improving how items are ordered and sorted."

A full breakdown of the 1.10 patch is available in a 13-page PDF file, which you may download here. There doesn't appear to be any one major, must-have fix contained therein, but it does cover a tremendous breadth of material. The list of updates to quests alone takes up a full six pages in the PDF. Somewhat surprisingly, the list of changes apparently isn't complete, according to Momot, who noted that while it's detailed, "it's hardly exhaustive."

It's also, as you might expect, a whopper of a download. Momot said on Twitter the download will clock in between six and 15 GB in size, depending on your distribution platform.

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