The Touryst and Yakuza Kiwami 2 are among 7 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC

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Xbox Game Pass for PC will get seven new games throughout the rest of July, and one of them is a former Nintendo Switch exclusive. The Touryst, by Fast RMX and Nano Assault devs Shin'en, will make its PC debut on the service on July 30. You can check out a trailer for the open world adventure game below.

There are two other games arriving on the service at launch as well: Carrion a pixel-art action game about a "flesh-blob horror monster" will be available on July 23, while Obsidian's Honey I Shrunk the Kids-esque survival game (opens in new tab) Grounded will join Xbox Game Preview on July 28. 

The remaining games are already available on other platforms, and they include the excellent Yakuza Kiwami 2 (opens in new tab) (July 30), Forager (opens in new tab) (July 16), Golf With Your Friends (opens in new tab) (July 23) and Nowhere Prophet (July 30). These join recent inclusions like Halo 3, Endless Space 2 and Neon Abyss.

Meanwhile, two games will leave the service on July 31: Rime and The Banner Saga 3. If history's any indication, there's every chance they'll return at some point. To see what else is available on the service, here is the Xbox Game Pass for PC game list (opens in new tab).

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