The Surge has 'Souls-like' combat but is best approached 'from a Bloodborne state of mind'

Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive's sci-fi action role-player The Surge arrives today, having launched its launch trailer last week. Much of its promotional material up to this point has centred around its combat—which is said to borrow from From Software's Dark Souls series. But Deck 13 has now explained that Souls series' cousin Bloodborne is perhaps a better reference point when understanding how The Surge's melee set-tos operate.

In a recent Reddit AMA, the game's creators were asked which entry of the Souls series was most similar to The Surge. Reddit user PevvPevv suggested the latter's limb targeting mechanics reminded he or she of how The Chosen Undead can gain special items by cutting off dragon tails in the first Dark Souls.

"Obviously, we're operating within the 'Souls-like' genre space, and we're fans of FromSoftware and their games," Deck 13 responded. "We've found their titles inspiring in different ways (and you'll see evidence of our love for these games in The Surge), but I think you'll find the most familiarity if you approach The Surge from a 'Bloodborne state of mind'.

"Combat is snappy and responsive, you have a fast dodge that doesn't cost a ton of stamina, but encounters can be really punishing if you don't play carefully and tactically. Likewise, controlled aggression is a necessity due to the need to build and use combat energy—not entirely different from the way BB rewards you for staying aggressive even after taking damage."

Furthering the idea of "staying aggressive" as it were, Deck 13 went on to explain its love of Souls games' NG+ modes and how The Surge employs a similar difficulty incline. 

"In The Surge, enemies will scale in difficulty and you'll be able to continue acquiring and upgrading gear at the rate of 5 upgrade ranks per NG cycle," said the developer. "If you're a crazy person like me, you can still have equipment progression through NG+3, as equipment doesn't truly max out until Mk. 20. We also have some special enemies that will begin laying ambushes for you in NG+ and beyond, so keep your eyes peeled even if you think you already know how an area is populated."

The Surge is out today—our review can be found over here.