The Secret World Cat God update adds new missions, halloween event approaching

The third update for The Secret World is now live, adding two new missions and laying the groundwork for a series of Halloween events starting at the end of October. These will introduce a new villain called the Cat God, a walking cat in a nice hat with a mission to install scratching posts on every corner and run out every catnip dealer in town. If only that was his plan, but this is the Secret World. His intentions will be a lot more nefarious. Funcom say that "tricks, treats, cool new costumes and special pets" await for those brave enough to complete the event.

The new missions are playable right now. "The Binding" takes place in Egypt and promises to challenge "even the most hardened puzzle solvers." The Carpathian Fangs hosts a new action mission called "Dogs of War" which will pit werewolves against their bitter enemies, the vampires. The update also adds a full set of Lairs missions, and there's more in store in the coming weeks. "you should also look forward new outfits available in the in-game store and a completely new awesome pet with a jet pack on its back," Funcom say.

Find out more about the latest update on the Secret World site. You can find the full patch notes on The Cat God update page . If you're tempted to jump in, sign up for The Secret World free trial on the right hand side of the Secret World front page and devour our verdict in our Secret World review .

Tom Senior

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