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The Razer DeathAdder Elite is just $40/£42 right now

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The Razer DeathAdder Elite, our favorite gaming mouse (opens in new tab), is at a great price for both US and UK readers today. On Amazon US the Elite is $40 (opens in new tab), while on Amazon UK it's £42 (opens in new tab). For US readers, this matches its best ever price from Black Friday. For UK readers, it's within £2 of the best ever price it's been listed for on Amazon. 

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Razer DeathAdder Elite | 16,000 DPI | $40 (save $30) (opens in new tab)
Our old friend (and best gaming mouse) the DeathAdder Elite is at its lowest ever price on Amazon US again. Buy it at Amazon (opens in new tab)

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Razer Deathadder Elite | £41.99 (£28 off) (opens in new tab)
Of all the gaming mice, this is our favourite, and it's a great 40 percent off today, within £2 of its lowest ever price. Buy it on Amazon (opens in new tab)

We've waxed lyrical about the Razer DeathAdder Elite countless times. Our expert on the subject of mice, Wes Fenlon, had this to say about it. "For the majority of games and gamers, the DeathAdder Elite is the best gaming mouse. It’s simple where it should be, with two perfectly placed, generously sized thumb buttons, has a great optical mouse sensor that will work on both hard and cloth pads, and has the ultimate body shape for a claw or hybrid claw/palm grip."

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Samuel Roberts
Samuel Roberts
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