The Rainbow Six Siege open beta is now underway

rainbow six siege shotgun header

The Rainbow Six Siege open beta, which was delayed at the last minute because of problems with matchmaking and connectivity, is now underway. In an update posted earlier today, Ubisoft announced that those problems have been solved and the beta, as of 12 pm EST, is open.

Ubisoft said in a prior update that the server issues were introduced while fixing a different aspect of the game. It added that the scheduled launch of Rainbow Six Siege will not be affected, and that it is "confident the game will work as intended" once it goes live.

"This Open Beta will ensure the cleanest launch possible," Ubisoft wrote. "Keep in mind that this beta is intended for this exact reason: find problems and troubleshoot them to ensure the most stable launch possible."

This is true, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't have more confidence in the process myself if it wasn't just five days away. The Rainbow Six Siege open beta runs until November 29 and, barring further breakdowns, the game will go into full launch on December 1.

Andy Chalk

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