The HyperX Cloud II is a great headset at 20% off

HyperX Cloud II gaming headset
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The HyperX Cloud II gaming headset has been one of our favorites for a long time for a reason. It's a versatile, well-built headset that offers a comfortable fit and superb audio quality. Right now, the wired version of the headset is 20% off on Amazon for $79.That isn't the cheapest it's been—Amazon had it for $70 earlier this year—but its price still spikes to $100 sometimes, so it's a decent discount.

The HyperX Cloud II has a very even, neutral sound. This gives clarity to audio cues like footsteps, gunfire, and other sound effects in games that demand quick responses. It also means these headphones are fit to give you consistency across a variety of games with different soundtracks. They handle everything at the cost of losing detail in specific things like bass and audio in the high, treble range. Audiophiles might find a complaint, but overall you're not sacrificing much audio quality here in exchange for the all-in-one setup.

On the microphone end of things, the HyperX Cloud II does well too. The mic on this headset isn't comparable to a dedicated one for professional recordings or streaming, but it works well for voice chat and calls. In a headset at this price range, that's all we ask for.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II | Wired | Closed-back | $99.99 $78.99 at Amazon (save $21)
As the wired version of the Cloud II, you don't get the same freedom as the wireless model, but you still get some supreme quality cans. And with a detachable mic, 7.1 surround, and a sturdy, light frame, these will see you right in comfort.

The HyperX Cloud II is also built to last a long time. As long as you're not bending them after an infuriating round of capture the flag in Halo Infinite, these headphones won't crack or break with extended normal use. I'm not rough on my PC gaming accessories, but I always prefer stuff that will take the occasional drop or twist without disintegrating. The HyperX Cloud II is made to stick around.

If you want a reliable headset that won't cost you a lot and do exactly what it promises to do, the HyperX Cloud II is a great choice. You can also plug one into a console. Although this isn't the wireless version (which are near equal in quality), we still think it's one of the best gaming headsets at its normal price. At $21 off, it's an even smarter buy.

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