The Humble Store hosts Thanksgiving Sale, goes toe-to-toe with Steam discounts

We just finished pouring over the Steam Autumn Sale this morning, and already have more deals to share: the recently launched Humble Store has a sale of its own . You smell that? It's the sweet, sweet smell of competitive pricing.

Humble's standout sale is on the Crusader Kings 2 Collection, which gives you the base game and 21 pieces of additional content for a measly $20. Steam has the same collection marked down to $40, though that could change as Valve's sale continues throughout the week. Mount & Blade: Warband is similarly discounted on Humble, selling for only $5 compared to Steam's $10 price .

Most of Humble's other discounts are right in line with Steam: Gone Home , Risk of Rain , Kentucky Route Zero and Rogue Legacy are also on sale. Humble also donates 10% of the proceeds to charity, though it has a much smaller selection on offer compared to Steam's extensive library. I guess you'll have to choose how much that 10% charity offer sways the conscience of your wallet.

Just like Steam, Humble's prices and discounts change every few hours until the sale ends December 3, so this boxing match could take a few days to fully unfold. I'll be keeping an eye on it, yelling encouragement, and throwing money at the combatants. After all, when these stores fight through prices, we all win.