Steam Autumn Sale is live, bringing a week of Daily Deals, Flash Sales, and upside down pages

We've come to expect weird overarching metagames attached to Steam Sales, making use of achievements or trading cards to turn a campaign of cheap games into a obsession creating event. For this, the Steam Autumn Sale , things would appear to back to basics. You know, except for the fact that the bottom of each page is upside down. And that if you click on an upside down button, it will load you into a page that's entirely upside down, because, as we all know, that's how Australians read. Okay, so it's not entirely normal, but it is still cheap.

The sale runs from today through to the 3rd December, with a new set of deals each day and a replenished stock of Flash Sales every eight hours.

As always in the sale, it's wise not to buy a non-Daily/Flash game until the last day. That way you'll ensure that it won't be further discounted later in the week. In fact, this time it might be wise to wait until the final day of the end-of-year Winter Sale, as this supposedly leaked email - which is seeming slightly more real given today's information - suggests that prices will be the same across the two events.

Anyway, why are you reading this. As of writing, Skyrim and The Walking Dead are 75% off, and Sleeping Dogs is 80% off. Bargain hunters, awaaaaaaay!

Phil Savage

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