Humble Bundle organisers launch The Humble Store, celebrate with a debut sale

Bundles are so 2012. Okay, they're still pretty 2013 too, and the Humble Bundle organisers are planning to run both them and the Weekly Sale offers in future. Now, though, they've expanded their Humble enterprise to include a permanent store front , from which you can buy a selection of indie and indie-ish games. To celebrate the store's launch, they're running a sale that knocks 50-75% off the entirety of the (currently small) catalogue. More deals - and therefore more games - are scheduled to appear over the next few days.

It's an attractive page, and laudable for its clarity - instantly showing you exactly what formats are available for each game. Buying a game works a lot like buying a Humble Bundle, with each purchase providing a link to a page full of download options that can be claimed by your central Humble account. The one difference is that the prices are set, as is the distribution of your cash. 10% of the stores profits go to charity, although currently, the only causes being supported are Child's Play, the EFF, American Red Cross, World Land Trust, and Charity: Water.

Head over to The Humble Store now for a selection of pretty great games at pretty cheap prices. Even better, all prices are in dollars, which - at least for us in the UK - will likely mean a further saving after currency conversion. Personal recommendations from the current crop include The Swapper, Rogue Legacy, and the almighty Euro Truck Simulator 2. I should also praise Gunpoint, but as it was created by our former Section Editor, I am entirely too biased on this. These specific deals will run until 7pm GMT.

Games come either as Steam keys, DRM free downloads, or both, so be sure to check what you're getting if you have a particular beef with either distribution style.

Phil Savage

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