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The Forest has just launched out of Early Access, so here's a trailer to celebrate

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Survival game The Forest has finally hit the V 1.0 milestone after nearly four years in Early Access – but studio End Night has promised that it will keep working on the game into the future. A new trailer was issued today (you can see it below), in addition to the previously reported price increase.

"Today The Forest moves from early access into a full release," a spokesperson for the studio wrote on Steam. "It’s been a crazy ride, made possible only by the players who have supported us for the last four years. To the team here it feels like a game we all made together, us and the community. Your input suggestions and feedback has been invaluable to us."

The announcement also confirmed that the VR version of The Forest will launch on May 22. The VR version will boast all of the features found in the core game, with some changes made to accommodate the environment. For example, your HUD will be accessible on a smart watch, there's a full 3D inventory, and cutting down trees (which is always fun) can be done with motion controls. 

Read the full announcement here, check out the trailer below:

Shaun Prescott
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