Where to find the laser crystal in The Expanse

Camina Drummer holding her new-found laser crystal.
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What's the space equivalent of trying to find a needle in a haystack? According to episode one of Telltale's The Expanse, it's trying to find a tiny new laser crystal among piles of ship debris floating around the galaxy. 

While you're exploring the wreckage of the UNN Urshanabi, there's an optional side quest to find and salvage a laser crystal for Virgil, the doctor of your crew. As The Expanse is all about choice, you can go straight to the end of the episode without ever seeking it out. However, Telltale fans will be all too aware that even something as small as an optional mission for a crystal can make a huge impact in later episodes. It'll no doubt come in handy later down the line, making it all the more important to take some time out to go and pick it up.

It's easy to get a bit lost while floating around the Urshanabi, which makes trying to find the laser crystal even more challenging. If the completionist in you is desperate to make sure you've picked it up before rolling credits on the episode, here's the easiest way to locate and grab the new laser crystal.

 Where to find the new laser crystal 

Towards the end of your mission on the UNN Urshanabi, you'll have a main objective waypoint to open the door to the officer's quarters. Head over to this door, but don't open it just yet. Turn your back to the door and run towards the poor decapitated corpse hunched over in the middle of the room, then turn left past the map. 

You'll then want to float through space towards the other piece of ship in front of you, but don't head through the large entrance. Instead, veer right towards a white piece of the ship that's jutting out. You should be able to easily spot it by the flashing red navigation beacon that's reflecting off the metal. Once you're in, float past the beacon and head towards the Tight Beam Laser, contained inside a golden wall-mounted panel in the back of the area. 

Hit the Smash option to interact with it, and Drummer will pull the laser out of the wall and stamp on it, revealing a nice shiny crystal to take back to the doc. You should be rewarded with the achievement Doctor Approved which will confirm that you've successfully completed the side objective.

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