The Evil Within DLC gets launch date and gameplay trailer

The Evil Within: The Assignment

After much teasing, Bethesda Softworks has finally shone some light on The Assignment, the first DLC release for The Evil Within, including a proper launch date and a gameplay trailer. The focus this time around is on Detective Juli Kidman, partner to Evil Within hero Sebastian Castellanos, who is quite clearly having a very rough week.

"The Assignment features an increased focus on stealth gameplay mechanics as you untangle the secrets of what happened to [Kidman] and untangle the truth behind her connection with Mobius," Bethesda explained. "Introducing new enemies and gameplay tactics, The Assignment sets the stage for the concluding chapter of Kidman’s Adventure, The Consequence, releasing later this Spring."

The promise of more stealth might put some players off, but with any luck it will add some needed depth and tension to the game: As we noted in our review, The Evil Within does put up a genuine survival-horror challenge, but it "relies on gross-out rather than real fear" for its thrills. The Assignment will be included with The Evil Within season pass, and will also be available separately for $10. Look for it to hit Steam on March 10.

Andy Chalk

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