The cheapest way to buy Deathloop in Australia

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Deathloop is the next immersive sim from Dishonored and Prey studio Arkane, but it's taking an entirely different tack to those previous gems. This ain't sci-fi, or steampunk: this is a 1960s period piece starring Colt, a soldier-turned-assassin who must kill eight targets in 24 hours. Quite a feat, right? Well, time loops in Groundhog Day style cycles, which should make things a bit easier.

The Deathloop release date is September 14, 2021 for PC, but it'll also be releasing as a PS5 console exclusive—awkward, given Microsoft owns Bethesda now. We've seen quite a bit of the game in action, and fans of Arkane's free-wheeling improvisational approach to solving problems will feel right at home: check out our info hub for everything you need to know about Deathloop.

Deathloop pre-orders are still open in Australia ahead of tomorrow's launch, and unlike the vast majority of PC games nowadays you can actually buy a boxed edition, if you prefer. If you're keen to pre-order, you'll get a unique character skin (the Storm Rider version of Colt) and an unspecified trinket, which is an equippable buff.

Deathloop pre-order bonuses

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Cheapest Deathloop pre-orders in Australia

In order of cheapest price, here's where you can pre-order the standard edition of Deathloop in Australia.

Deathloop @ Amazon AU AU$99.95 AU$68
No word as yet on whether this is disc-based or a redeemable code—we'd speculate the latter, and for Also note that because this is a physical product that needs to be shipped to you, you may not be able to play the game the moment it launches, if that matters to you.

Deathloop @ Green Man Gaming AU$99.95 AU$81.96
This was only AU$78 last week but it's risen a couple of bucks since. If you purchase through Green Man Gaming, you'll receive a code for Deathloop that is redeemable on Steam. The Deluxe Edition is AU$101.38 on Green Man Gaming.

Deathloop @ JB Hi-Fi AU$99.95 AU$79
Here's the cheapest option for buying Deathloop on PC if you want to walk into a store on launch day. If you want to order online with JB Hi-Fi, there's an extra AU$2 for shipping, bringing the total to AU$81.

Deathloop @ Fanatical AU$99.95 AU$85.95
If you purchase through Fanatical, you'll receive a code for Deathloop that is redeemable on The Deluxe Edition, which includes a range of unique weapons, character skins, and two trinkets, is AU$111.75 on Fanatical.

Deathloop @ Steam
While yes, you're buying this through Steam, you'll still need a account to play it. The Deluxe Edition is AU$129.95 on Steam.

Deathloop @ EB Games AU$99.95
EB Games ain't cheap, but if you want to walk into a bricks and mortar shop on launch day to buy Deathloop, you could possibly get a price match with Amazon or JB Hi-Fi. If you pre-order online, you'll pay a AU$10 deposit.

So there you have it: In the week leading up to Deathloop's release, Amazon is by far the cheapest way to get the game, but it'll need to be shipped to you. Green Man Gaming is probably the wisest place to pick up Deathloop ahead of its launch tomorrow, if you want it the moment it goes live. 

We'll keep an eye on these prices and how they fluctuate in the weeks after launch - so check back if you want an overview of any post-launch discounts. Prices have fluctuated a fair bit these past few months, at least on the digital storefront side of the fence, but at this stage, these will probably stick until launch day.