The Callisto Protocol's first gameplay trailer tore us apart, literally

The Callisto Project's main character
(Image credit: Striking Distance)

The Callisto Project looks flipping terrifying if I'm being honest. A new gameplay trailer shown at the Summer Game Fest has me scared silly. From gore to jumpscares, the team at Striking Distance have absolutely followed up on their promise to make The Callisto Protocol a scary experience. 

The Summer Games Fest split up its feature into two parts, a trailer with a touch of gameplay and then a snippet of what you can expect from a moment to moment playthrough. And some of you will be glad to hear they were both terrifying. The latter finally gave us a look at how you can combat monsters including stomping on those beasts' heads. Delightful.  

What might have been the most shocking moment of all was when the protagonist encountered their biggest fan! And by fan I mean a monster bashing him into a giant fan, his arm getting caught in it, and then being obliterated by whirling machinery. It's not just these monsters that you're going to have to look out for, the environment around you is just as dangerous and this gameplay has made its point.

The Callisto Protocol is set for release at the end of the year. We should expect it to be out for everyone on December 2nd which will excite those looking for terrifying space adventures. And if that's your sort of thing, why not check out the trailer for Aliens Dark Descent which was revealed just before The Callisto Protocol's gameplay? 

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