The Call of Duty and Wolfenstein series are going cheap this weekend

The weekend is almost here and while Devolver Digital's typically indie ensemble is on sale via Steam this weekend, so too are both the Call of Duty and Wolfenstein series—new games and old alike. 

On the COD front, Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3, and Advanced Warfare are all going for £19.99/$29.99 at 50 percent off, while 2008's World at War comes in at £9.99/$9.99.  The COD Black Ops Bundle is probably where you'll make your biggest savings—down from £59.99/$79.99 to £29.99/$39.99—however it's cool to see the game that started it all in 2006 on the list for £7.49/$9.99 too.  

Wolfenstein-wise, it's a similar gig. 2014's The New Order is subject to a 70 percent sale, now selling for £4.49/$5.99, as it its 2015 prequel The Old Blood. If you fancy taking on some '90s-inspired Nazis, the 15-year old series original is on there too—going for £0.89/$1.49, which I reckon is worth it for nostalgia's sake alone. 

Speaking to The New Order, Chris said this in his 2014 review

"[Wolfenstein: The New Order's] writing, music and environmental art all achieve far more than you might expect from the game about a preternaturally durable testicle with a revenge fetish and a gun in each hand. In a genre that is often overtaken by derivative or exploitative games, it's a pleasant surprise—a reminder of a time when a shooter's singleplayer campaign was the main event. A time when these games were made with attention to detail, care, and a bit of love."

Head in this direction for the Call of Duty Franchise Steam sale, and this-a-way for the platform's Wolfenstein Franchise sale. Both are running now through Monday 6pm BST/10am PST.