The best For Honor emblems we've seen so far

It's the first weekend after For Honor's release and already players have found the best ways to annoy and kill me in the midst of battle. However, some players have shown that they have skill outside of the fighting, too. The game's emblem designer lets you create a symbol that you can apply to the various characters' armour, shields, and weapons, and it's proven to be quite the versatile tool. 

Some players have shown such a talent for creating eye-catching symbols that it's brought me back to the early days of the first Call of Duty: Black Ops and its own insignia-designing tool. And so, I've collected some of the best designs from the For Honor and For Honor Emblems subreddits and compiled them below. Enjoy.

The first one I want to highlight is actually a combo of four. Reddit user XiroNyne created four awesome looking emblems based on comic book characters Spawn, Iron Man, Deathstroke, and Deadpool. I have to admit I'm not the biggest Spawn fan, but the design coupled with the spiked frame looks really cool.

Source Reddit user XiroNyne

Source: Reddit user XiroNyne

The next one is based on the Lord of the Rings, and I kind of want to frame a bigger version of it and hang it up in my place. The emblem designer's style compliments the simple design perfectly. Big props to Reddit user WhoDaresNguyens.

Source Reddit user WhoDaresNguyens

Source: Reddit user WhoDaresNguyens

Reddit user MelodicFacade also got artistic with their minimalist recreation of Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Knight. This one in particular makes me want to see what I can do with the emblem designer.

Source Reddit user MelodicFacade

Source: Reddit user MelodicFacade

Reddit user Tox1cFire created four different emblems that will let anyone show their web browser pride in the midst of battle. Are you an Internet Explorer user, sick and tired of everyone making fun of you? Wear it on your shield and run headfirst into battle! 

Source Reddit user Tox1cFire

Source: Reddit user Tox1cFire

The next two emblems are musically focused, with Reddit user Echolog's Dark Side of the Moon recreation and Artoxz's Wu-Tang Clan logo. I can't think of two bands with more wildly different styles than Pink Floyd and the Wu-Tang Clan, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't want both of these designers on my team.

Source Reddit user Echolog

Source: Reddit user Echolog

Source Reddit user Artoxz

Source: Reddit user Artoxz

And finally, I thought I'd end with a couple emblems that are based on some of our favourite games. The first is of another game that features excellent combat. While the Dark Side of the Moon is cool, the only thing this emblem wants to praise is the sun. Reddit user Jesterdevo obviously took some inspiration from Dark Souls, and we couldn't be happier about it. Thanks, Jesterdevo.

The second is based on Portal, and SalaComMander made sure to follow the rules of the game and has the companion cube's corner coming going through the bottom portal and coming out the top one. Excellent.

Source Reddit user Jesterdevo

Source: Reddit user Jesterdevo

Source Reddit user SalaComMander

Source: Reddit user SalaComMander

For Honor received a score of 74 in PC Gamer's review for being an unwelcoming experience to newcomers.

"Stick with it, though, and you’ll find a rich, tactical fighting game with wonderfully weighty combat and hidden depths to uncover," PC Gamer's Andy Kelly said. "But if you want something accessible you can easily dip in and out of, you may want to swear fealty to another lord."