The Beginner's Guide trailer teases mystery, loneliness

The Beginner's Guide

The Beginner's Guide was announced barely forty-eight hours ago, but developer Davey Wreden has now released the game with an intriguing trailer for company.

Wreden is returning to the surreal, fourth-wall-breaking style of The Stanley Parable, but The Beginner's Guide feels a little bit more personal and less morose than Stanley. The trailer centers on exploring an unknown person's PC, opening all of the game projects they've created in an effort to understand them. Wreden has been public about his unexpected struggles with success. When the trailer narration includes the question, "Do they even enjoy making video games at all?", I wonder if The Beginner's Guide might end up being a bit of an autobiography.

The Beginner's Guide is available now on Mac and PC. You can get it from Steam or the Humble Store.