Thank God, Baldur's Gate 3 will eventually let you change your character's looks

Baldur's Gate characters
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Fellow fans of a mid-playthrough character makeover rejoice, for Baldur's Gate 3 should be rectifying its biggest mistake sometime in the future.

Larian's RPG has a chokehold on everyone here at PC Gamer, plus the 850,000 other people who've been rolling dice and save scumming the hell out of their games alongside us. The most glaring omission, for me at least, has been a distinct absence of any sort of appearance change option. Once you make your character you're locked in for life, baby. Change your mind about your hairstyle or makeup? Tough luck, either start again or suck it up for the next 200 hours.

I have been desperate to give my Baldur's Gate 3 protagonist a makeover for hours now, and thankfully it seems like I'll be able to do it in the future. Twitter user TheTrustedTitan went to director of publishing Michael Douse to say what we've all been thinking: "Sir please let me change how i look in the game. I'm BEGGING!!!!"

I know it's not the only tweet I've seen asking for some sort of mid-playthrough appearance change, and I'm sure it's not the first one Douse has seen either. It's certainly the first one he's acknowledged though, replying that "Things are being cooked."

I can only take that to mean that we'll be able to do a bit of tweaking to our character in a future patch, hopefully one that arrives sooner rather than later.

No word on how much we'll be able to change—whether it'll be a full re-creator with the ability to change race, or if we'll be locked to some small cosmetic tweaks—but I'll be ecstatic for the option either way. I assume it'll be tacked onto Withers' current job of helping players respec their entire party, but it'd be nice to give the barbershop in Baldur's Gate a few jobs, too. Fingers crossed we'll be able to save appearances, too.


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