Teslagrad 2 reveals its debut trailer, will be out in 2023

We haven't heard much about Teslagrad 2 since it was announced back in 2020, but we got a pretty big update at the Future Games Show today: An all-new trailer and a release target of spring 2023.

"Teslagrad 2 is set to be an exploration-based Metroidvania game with magnetic physics and will use the visual style that won the hearts of the players in the original," developer Rain Games said when the sequel was announced. "Teslagrad was a fresh experience in gaming with its magnetic physics based mechanics. Now Rain Games intends to take this experience up a level within the sequel, by sparking new life into the game with additions that will set it apart from the original."

The new trailer certainly looks set to follow through on that promise: A mystery, a hidden past, an ancient power, and buried secrets, all related with a visual style reminiscent of, yet greatly advanced beyond, the original. (Which, for the record, is to be expected: Teslagrad came out almost a decade ago.)

It's great to finally have a look at the new game, and while a release target is not the same as a result date, at least it's something to look forward to—and not too far off, either. Teslagrad 2 is now available for wishlisting on Steam.

Andy Chalk

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