Tesla Effect delayed by two weeks, now releasing May 7th

Were you looking forward to Tex Murphy's grand return to the sci-fi gumshoeing circuit on April 22nd (AKA 'tomorrow')? Well I have some bad news: Tesla Effect has been delayed to May 7th, for reasons of...actually, no reason was given, but I'm assuming it has something to do with an FMV dame, or a shiny MacGuffin. It usually does.

Developers Big Finish Games announced the delay on Facebook with the above image, which should succeed at making you feel old if you played the Tex Murphy games first time around. A casual scroll down reveals that we totally missed news of a demo as well, so go grab that on Steam that while you wait.

One other thing you could do while you wait is check out Richard Cobbett's crapshoot for Mean Streets , the very first in the Tex Murphy series. It's not quite as FMV-y as you may be expecting.

Tom Sykes

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