Terraria has yet another, definitely final update coming in 2023

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This is totally, definitely, 100% the final Terraria update everybody. Promise. For the sixth time, the 2D survival sandbox is receiving its last-ever update, complete with a bonus cheeky crossover.

Terraria 1.4.5 will arrive sometime in 2023, though Re-Logic is being awfully coy about what the update will contain. We know that part of it will include a crossover with Dead Cells—The Guide will be joining characters from Slay the Spire, Risk of Rain and Hotline Miami in the "Everyone Is Here Vol. II" update for the roguelite. But as Re-Logic says in a forum post, crossovers go both ways right? Correct, and next year's update should be adding some Dead Cells goodies into Terraria.

Re-Logic says it'll start working on 1.4.5 "in earnest" in the new year after it wraps up hotfixes on 1.4.4. As for any further details, the developer says we'll "just have to wait and see when the time comes." There was a cheeky nod towards crossplay hopefully being implemented next year, though it's unsure whether that'll come with update 1.4.5.

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It's been over two years since Re-Logic decided that it was done with Terraria, and then it took them just five months to pop out another final update. There have been other crossovers since then, like the one with Don't Starve, before a huge Labor of Love update which landed just a couple of months ago. Even the official Terraria Twitter joked "We really can't seem to help ourselves," with producer Cenx adding "we super mean it this time guys." 

I am totally sure that Re-Logic will be done with the game after next year's update. Maybe.

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