Terraria's actual final update is out today

Back in May, Terraria developer Re-Logic released the massive Journey's End update and finally, after nearly a decade of post-launch development, decided it was finished. Five months later, it's getting another update.

Journey's Actual End is out today and will be Terraria's final update, for real this time. At least that's what Re-Logic says. Maybe it will find another excuse to tinker again. And while this concludes all the content updates, you can still expect support and fixes. 

This one isn't nearly as significant as Journey's End, which came with 1,000 new items, new modes, weather effects and a 40-page changelog. Re-Logic hasn't released the full list of new additions yet, but you can expect the final NPC, vanity armour, new achievements and lots of tweaks.  

As Wes pointed out back in May, it's ludicrous that Terraria still costs just $10, despite how vast it is, how many years of updates its had and how it's never relied on DLC or microtransactions. It's a bit of an anomaly. I didn't think I'd be writing about it nearly a decade later, but its incredible run has been well earned. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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