Telltale confirms The Wolf Among Us 2 is still happening, but it's going to be awhile

It was one year ago, almost to the day, that the reconstituted Telltale Games announced at The Game Awards that The Wolf Among Us 2 is happening. There wasn't much to see at the time, just a brief teaser of Bigby in a poorly-lit hotel room being asked for help by someone off-screen, but the mere fact of its existence was enough to stir up excitement.

With The Game Awards 2020 now just a few hours away, Telltale has dropped another Wolf Among Us 2 announcement, and this one isn't quite so dramatic: It's basically a heads-up that it doesn't have anything new to share this time around.

"We know you're excited to hear more about TWUA2. And we look forward to telling you more when the time is right," Telltale said, "What we can say is that we are developing the entire season at once and there is more to do before we're ready to share what's next for the Fabletown gang. It's just not time yet."

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The message also warns that while some previous Telltale games have been brought back from oblivion, like Batman, Tales from Monkey Island, Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures, and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, it won't be possible to bring them all back: "Some games reverted back to the IP owners and their fate is not currently in our hands," Telltale said. 

That would include Sam and Max Save the World, which was recently updated and released on Steam by Skunkape Games, a studio made up of former Telltale developers.

It's not a delay, technically, since a release date for The Wolf Among Us 2 was never announced, but it may be a disappointment for fans who were hoping for some bigger news tonight. On the bright side, there will be lots of more to see at tonight's Game Awards, including a Dragon Age reveal, the first look at Glen Schofield's new thing, two new games from Focus Home Interactive, and Keanu Reeves. We've got a full rundown of how to watch, and what to expect, right here.

Andy Chalk

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