Teleglitch DLC brings music and new weapons to the survival horror shooter

Indie roguelike shooter Teleglitch: Die More Edition's new Guns and Tunes DLC tells you exactly what it is: "Music to kill by and weapons to make it happen." And for only $2, it's probably a reasonable investment in a game where death is permanent, levels are random, and every pixel works to promote anxiety and paranoia.

As we noted in our review , the vanilla Teleglitch gives you some appropriately menacing environmental sound effects as you wander an isolated research station after a botched experiment: "Machines whirr, monsters chitter, and the teleglitch—a deadly void that intrudes on levels—bubbles ominously." But the game didn't include any in-game music.

The Guns and Tunes DLC includes eight new weapons and utilities as well as five entries on the new soundtrack, which the indie developers note is "standalone," and is not streamed from inside the game itself. The new music is intended to complement the already existing soundscape I mentioned above and can presumably be played in the background, according to the DLC's Steam page.

Of course this is a classic, Alt-Tab PC gaming work-around for those of us who have always supplemented a game's native music for something more suitable to our mood of the day.

Hat tip, Joystiq .