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(Image credit: Epic Games)

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The latest Fortnite quests have arrived, and season 6 is rolling along just fine. This week, Epic wants you to refamiliarize yourself with the extended Jonesy family. That means you'll need to talk to the Joneses, who are in fact just alternate versions of Jonesy, and are scattered across the map.

You can unlock this quest after you finish the "play a message at the Guardian Towers" quest that comes before it.

While there are plenty of Jonesy locations to visit, you'd be forgiven for completely forgetting where any of the NPCs are. We've done the hard work for you, so read on to find all Jonesy locations.

Where to find all the Jonesy NPCs in Fortnite

First, if you don't see this objective listed in your quest menu, make sure to speak to Raz after completing his earlier challenge. Raz is always located at Colossal Crops.

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To complete this challenge you need to talk to five Jonesy NPCs. Thankfully, they haven't wandered over to any new locations, so if you've met one already, you should know exactly where to look. That said, they're spread out well enough that hitting five in one match might be difficult to pull off. You also don't have to worry about visiting them in any particular order.

Once you've talked to five Jonesy NPCs, you'll be tasked with speaking to the First Jonesy. You'll find him in Pleasant Park. After speaking to him, you'll also need to duel him, so make sure you come equipped with a good weapon and some shielding, then go ahead and antagonize him.

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