Swery's grisly platformer, The Missing, is coming next month

The latest game from Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro (no, not that one) is a bizarre platforming mystery full of grisly near-death experiences. Don’t worry, though; even seemingly fatal encounters won’t hold you back in The Missing’s ominous Island of Memories. Today Swery announced a release date, and it’s coming to Steam in just under a month: October 10.

Here's the game's premise: J.J. Macfield is on the hunt for her missing friend, and it’s a hunt that will fling her into harms way over and over again. But on the Island of Memories, you can’t die. You might be immolated, electrocuted or have your body torn apart, but none of that is fatal. Of course this just makes it all the more grim, as J.J. is repeatedly not-quite-killed in a variety of nasty ways, leaving her in increasingly bad shape. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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