Superb, slimey 2D platformer Slime-san getting more free DLC

Slime-san is a criminally overlooked 2D platformer about a slime's quest to escape a worm's belly by platforming his way out of the beast. It came out last April, and it's due for more DLC next month. Slime-san: Sheeple's Sequel will release on Monday, February 5, free to all Slime-san owners. 

The second Slime-san DLC after Blackbird's Kraken, Sheeple's Sequel casts Sheeple, a character from the main game, as the villain. It comes with 20 normal levels and 20 new game plus levels, plus five levels from the main game which have been remixed "with a Sheeple twist," according to developer Fabraz. It also includes new modes like shadow, marble and target mode, as well as a speedrunning mode complete with leaderboards. 

Sheeple's Sequel is free if you own the base game, but it will also be available as a standalone game for $4, just like Blackbird's Kraken. Slime-san itself is $12 on Steam. It has a free demo, too.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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