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Super Truck is Superhot but with trucks

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Super Truck

Phil liked Superhot, but his primary complaint was that it had people in instead of trucks. I mean, I haven't read his review (opens in new tab), but that's surely what dragged it down to an 84. Phil is probably over the moon about Super Truck (opens in new tab), then, because it is Superhot, but with trucks. (I wonder if that's where they got the name from?)

Obviously an April Fool's gag, but a playable and free one, Super Truck comes from the developer behind the upcoming Clustertruck: Landfall Games. Clustertruck made Tom Marks feel like a clumsy Neo back in January (opens in new tab), probably because it's a game about leaping from truck to truck as mad physics happen.

Supertruck takes the essence of Clustertruck, and lobs in Superhot's 'time only moves when you do' premise/minor lie. The result is this:

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