Super Mega Baseball 2 is coming this September, and its new art style looks rad

Super Mega Baseball 2 takes a more realistic approach to its visuals, while still keeping that charming, cartoony look. In a recent video released by Metalhead Software, the developer talks about the new art style, player animations, and of course, ballparks. 

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings featured players with much more cartoonish proportions, especially when compared to the new models in the upcoming sequel. The ballparks also took to that cartoony style, while the stadiums in Super Mega Baseball 2 look like they have much more of that major league feel. You can check it all out in the video above.

Baseball is one of those sports—like hockey and skateboarding—that doesn't get enough love on the PC. We don't have many solid options, with the biggest baseball game only being released on the PS4—and even then, The Show series largely focuses on providing a realistic baseball experience as opposed to the more arcadey gameplay that people like me remember and love from the '90s. However, Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings provided exactly what I was looking for, which is something Chris Livingston echoes in his review.

Previously set for "the middle of 2017," Super Mega Baseball 2 is now slated to launch in September. And if you liked what you saw in the video above, you can get a better look at the actual gameplay here.