SteelSeries brings Discord notifications to its new mechanical keyboard

You will never have to miss a Discord chat notification with the new Apex M750 mechanical keyboard from SteelSeries. The SteelSeries Engine utility now features real-time Discord notifcations, which you can sync with its illuminated products, including this plank.

"Streamers, gamers, and esports players can light up the new Apex M750 with customizable notifications that indicate new messages, mute status and more," SteelSeries says.

The Apex M750 is from "aerospace aluminum" and features SteelSeries' own QX2 mechanical key switches. It is not clear what company actually produces these switches for SteelSeries—Gateron and and TTC are a couple of names that have been thrown around Reddit—but according to TomsHardware, they're basically clones of the Cherry MX RGB.

In any event, these are different than the QX1 switches found on some other SteelSeries keyboards, such as the Apex M800. The QX1 have a shallow 3mm travel and 1.5mm actuation, whereas the QX2 used here have a 4mm travel distance and 2mm actuation point. They're rated for 50 million keystrokes.

The Apex M750 is a full-size keyboard with a dedicated number pad. It does not have dedicated macro keys, though you can program each of the keys using SteelSeries Engine. You can also configure the LED lighting on each individual key.

SteelSeries is selling the Apex M750 now for $140. If you want a wrist rest, that costs $15 extra.

Paul Lilly

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