Steel Division: Normandy 44 'Briefing' trailer reveals May launch date

Paradox and Eugen Systems announced today that Steel Division: Normandy 44, the division-level Second World War tactical RTS, will come out on May 23. Preorders are live now for two separate editions, with access to the closed beta that began today as well as two "historical aces" as a bonus for those who do. 

Steel Division: Normandy 44 operates a little differently than most RTS games. As we noted in March, players will take control of an Allied or Axis division, each with its own unique roster and style of play. From them, you'll form battlegroups of 30-40 units that you'll actually take into combat, in either the three historical campaigns of the single player mode or multiplayer, which supports as many as 20 players in a single battle in both ranked and casual combat.      

The standard edition of Steel Division: Normandy 44 lists for $40/£35/€40, while the deluxe release, which includes a digital art book, a "Tactical Guide and Battle Log," six more historical aces, a Paradox forum avatar and icon, and other bits of loot, goes for $60/£50/€60. Preorder links and more information about the game are up at

Andy Chalk

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